Mahesh Poudyal
Social Scientist | Researcher
...specialising in data-driven research in the socio-economic and institutional aspects of environment and natural resources.

I'm an environmental social scientist. I'm into data-driven, policy-relevant research on poverty-environment nexus, primarily in the Global South.

Recent Posts

Downloading all linked PDFs from multiple URLs using Python

My first try with web scraping using Python

Mapping countries' GDP against Fortune Global 500 top 10

My experimentation with `ggplot2` and custom functions in R, while highlighting global corporate wealth/power

Mass conversion of SPSS files to CSV format in R

In this post, I provide a few options to convert large volume of SPSS data files to CSV files in R.

My Writing Workflow

In this post, I outline my workflow for writing up reports, working papers, and manuscripts for journal submission.

My Data Workflow

In this post, I outline my basic workflow while working with primary data (quantitative for the most part). Parts of the workflow would be similar for working with secondary data as well.