Mahesh Poudyal
Social Scientist | Researcher
...specialising in data-driven research in the socio-economic and institutional aspects of environment and natural resources.

I'm an environmental social scientist. I'm into data-driven, policy-relevant research on poverty-environment nexus, primarily in the Global South.

Recent Posts

Moving from PowerPoint to Quarto presentations

This year, I've completely moved all my presentations for lectures and other talks from PowerPoint to Quarto (revealjs presentations). Here, I outline how you can then upload those to Github (or similar service) and publish with password protection via netlify so only you can access it for teaching/giving talks.

Moving from twitter to mastodon

On my decision to migrate from twitterverse to fediverse

Cartographic desktop backgrounds

Making nice cartographic desktop backgrounds in R

Visualising NVivo coding with plotly treemap

My workflow to visualise NVivo coding with plotly treemap in R

Downloading all linked PDFs from multiple URLs using Python

My first try with web scraping using Python